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    tampa, fl 33605
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Job Description


Overview of the Position


The position is with a dynamic, rapidly growing company in the Moving Industry. The role of the General Manager is to help grow company culture by ensuring sound hiring practices, directing and providing strategic oversight to Operations Managers. This opportunity will provide the right individual the ability to take charge of one of the most successful franchises of a time-proven franchise network in its most rapid growing stage yet. The right individual will be able to harness the potential, using proven systems and implementing new one’s to achieve exponential growth.



Specific Responsibilities


1)                Reduce turnover rate to 20% – Recruitment- colleges (4-year referral program). Company culture, daily huddles, monthly orientation and training.


2)                Grow revenue to $5 Million
- increase repeat referral business to 70%
- increase commercial/professional business to 50%


3)                Implement scoreboard, reward system, and dashboard


  1. Systemize and boosting team member awareness of company mission and vision measured by achieving team member accountabilities.


4)                Delivery monthly reports that are 99% accurate and on time.


5)                Roll out client-facing training script and reviews to increase loyalty metrics to 95% (uniform, etc.)


6)                Daily truck marketing, accountability


7)                Replace C and B players with A players- Top Grade company


  1. Systemize hiring and training process


8)                 Hunting (establish 4 new commercial client opportunities per month) and Farming (continue to grow existing client sales opportunities- 50 follow-up calls per month). Keeping all unused trucks parked in visible location

during daylight hours.


QUALIFICATIONSSkills and Additional Requirements


Ensure that all operations run smoothly and profitably. Experience and expertise within the full-service moving industry, including hiring, training, vendor management, policies, procedures, equipment, fleet management, inventory, industry requirements, customer service, damages, claims, P&L management, sales, and logistics is preferred.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONIf this position matches your skillset, I encourage you to apply. Please Copy and Paste Your Resume in the Body of an email and include a brief paragraph describing how you’ve shown proven leadership success; and send



I look forward to speaking with qualified candidates.

After we review your completed application, we will contact you.



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